Commercial Lawn Care and Property Services

We provide commercial turf and lawn fertilization, Fire Ant Control and Weed Control services for: Apartments and Restaurants, Utilities, School Districts, State and Local Governments, Federal Agencies, Industrial sites, HOA’s, Commercial landscapes, Open lots and Vacant fields.

Pinnacle Spraying provides commercial lawnscapes with essential nutrients necessary for growing lush, green, grass that is weed free.

For Commercial Businesses, controlling Fire Ants can mean reducing potential law suit exposure and/or insurance liability. Injuries and deaths from fire ants bring on lawsuits. Recreational areas like golf courses and play grounds, retirement homes, as well as nurseries and day care centers, have all been subject to law suits brought on by people who have been severely stung, or even killed, by fire ants. Fire Ants can reinfest from long distances and their reproductive potential is great. That's why effective Fire Ant control requires a long-term commitment. The dangers posed by Fire Ants to customers, employees, and electrical equipment can be avoided only by a proper treatment program administered by a licensed professional with specific Fire Ant Control experience.

Oil and Gas Industry in West Texas

Environmentally responsible Oil and Gas Operators working in West Texas have learned the value of partnership with Pinnacle Spraying, LLC. Already well versed in State and Federal Environmental Regulations, Pinnacle Spraying, LLC., provides commercial services to the Oil and Gas Industry such as initial site defoliation and fire ant control around drill sites, pipeline and infrastructure sites; to drilled well site restoration and well abandonment land reclamation end processes, including; site re-soil and reintroduction of native plants and grass re-seeding, tree planting, and vegetation management - with an eye toward proactive environmental land re-use practices.

Environmmental Restoration Services for Oilfield Drill Sites, Pipeline and Utility Right of Ways, and Infastructure Sites

Bareground Weed Control

Unwanted vegetation, such as weeds, are not only an eyesore but they can also become a fire hazard. If you have areas you don't want weeds to show up, we can help. For commercial property owners needing Bareground Weed Control for key areas such as fence lines, gravel parking lots and equipment storage parks, Pinnacle Spraying is licensed and experienced in using Soil Sterilants for Bareground Weed Control. Call Scott Antilley today, so we can help keep your commercial property well maintained and weed free.