We don't mow GRASS, We GROW GRASS.™

Pinnacle Spraying is the premier commercial and residential lawn & landscape management company in West Texas. We are licensed by the Texas Dept of Agriculture License allowing us to safely apply the most effective chemicals available. Simply put, what we do is spray lawns with essential ingredients for growing lush, green, grass that is weed free.

Services We Provide

  • Lawn Fertilization

    Proper fertilizing and application technique is key to a lush green lawn

  • Weed Control & Mangement

    Weeds are aggressive and can take over a lawn if not managed properly

  • Drought Protection

    Healthy soil is crucial for root growth and development in times of stress

  • Fire Ant Control

    Outdoor fire and control is essential for protecting your family and pets

  • Insect Remediation & Control

    Turf bugs and worms can cause substantial damage to your lawn

  • Brush & Cactus Control

    Avoid ineffective treatment and damaging sensitive animals and habitats

Being in West Texas, we can help you make the best of limited watering. Our turf management program offers the proper nutrients for specific times of the year to maintain health, color, and proper growth. We also prevent and treat weeds on a scheduled basis to combat seasonal winter and summer weeds. Adhering to integrated pest management best practices, we reduce chemical exposure to you, your family, and our environment by precisely timing applications.

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Can't I do it myself?
Why Not Do It Myself?

First of all, what is your time worth? You should enjoy your lawn instead of struggling to maintain it. Secondly, by hiring a lawn care professional you are gaining access to our knowledge and expertise. There are some good over-the-counter products, and you could probably do 60 percent of what we do very similarly yourself. But we do have some “professional use only” products that you would not have access to, and those products help us with some of the more difficult-to-control weeds or they deliver longer residual disease control than what is available to consumers.

You may find you have access to the right products, but that depends on you making the proper diagnosis of the problem. The most difficult thing you are going to find is being able to put down the right product at the right rate. Most of our application is liquid product with commercial spraying equipment that guarantees uniform coverage and application rate. Granular products have a tendency to not produce the results you are looking for. You will see dramatic results after just one application.